Wildlife, smoky skies and puppers.

When I get a rare moment to draw or paint something, these are usually the subjects that come to mind. With no professional classes taken, I've grown up experimenting with different techniques and mediums on my own. Pencil and pen are my typical go-to's, but I also love the colors I can create with paint, and have just recently started experimenting with digital art.

Art has been a lifelong hobby of mine that I hope to soon take off the back burner and put to good use. For now it remains an activity for times outside my day job as a web developer or when I'm out getting lost in nature.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any inquires or potential commission requests. Because this is not my day job, I take on a limited number of commissions per year. Being a sucker for detail, some of my drawings take a good amount of time! Quality over quantity...

Thanks for visiting :).

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